Jun 23, 2012
When you are driving, you must direct all of your attention on the highway in front of you, that is why navigation techniques need to make it simple for you to read the screen. With the Garmin nüvi 780's widescreen show, seeing the big picture is way easier. You may view particulars of your map, directions to go to, and the other displays in vivid and bright color. Do you have concerns about the glare of the sun? Well you have no need to worry here because  it is possible for you to to see the display at whatever angle it's at.

You will be pleased to know that the Garmin nüvi 780 GPS Navigator is very straightforward to install. It comes ready to fit the moment you open the box. All you have to do is put it straight into your vehicle. It comes preloaded with the City Navigator NT street maps and hundreds of thousands, in fact milions,  of points of interest (POIs). Standard popular landmarks and places have been added into its memory. You can now search for hotels, eating places, fuel stations, and ATMs easily because your navigator is right there to inform you of the places you'll find them. You just have to put your hand on the coloured touch-screen to enter the name, and nüvi will take you there with 2-D or 3-D maps and voice activated directions. It is even made so it can announce the names of exits and streets so that you don’t need to shift your focus anywhere else. Furthermore, the Garmin nüvi 780 accepts customized points of interest. In the event you need a specific place or area which may be personally important  to you, simply set proximity alerts and you're off!

What the Garmin Nüvi 780 Does for You

When it comes to hassle-free and trouble-free driving, the nüvi 780 is here for you. The system integrates Bluetooth wireless technology with a built-in microphone and speaker for hands-free calling. It also comes with the optional external microphone. If you have a Bluetooth phone with you (as most people do), just program your model into the system so you can make calls while driving and without breaking the rules. To make that call, simply dial numbers on the touch-screen keypad. To answer calls, just tap the screen with your hands and speak directly into its built-in microphone.

Plus, it's very stylish. The nüvi 780's high-sensitivity internal antenna makes a entire look flexible. The sleeker and thinner design complements any car's interior. It also comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so that you know it'll never run out of power while you're in the middle of nowhere.

The power of navigation is only one of its most amazing features. The nüvi 780 has the most amazing must-haves. It comes with an MP3 player, an audio book player, a JPEG picture viewer, a currency converter. Its wireless FM transmitter allows you to listen to the local radio. It was built for compatibility with optional FM traffic alerts. Of course, there are the free Garmin Garage where you can download custom vehicles that show your location on the map and the Garmin Lock so you can have an anti-theft device in your car. You can enhance your travel experience with optional plug-in SD cards such as Garmin Travel Guides for those interested with tourist attractions.

The Real Value of the Nüvi 780

The value of the GPS has increased over the past years. It has helped countless drivers in maneuvering their way around town. It also helps them save time because the newer models are able to give you the traffic situation in the areas that may pass. If you want to avoid these streets, all you need to do is ask the GPS to help map your way around alternative routes. Whereas speed limit readings were not accurate back then, the nüvi 780 is hits the bull's eye with this.

To make sure you are kept updated with daily traffic and other data, keep the nüvi 780 in the cradle attached to the power plug. The power plug and MSN receiver has a small battery in it. As it runs, it collects MSN Direct data. And with the recent recession, you are even kept informed about gas prices. The service has prices for local gas stations. Now, you can look for stations that sell the cheapest fuels. When you consult the list found in the unit, it will tell you how far away the station is and where to go. These are all listed with the closest one on top of the list. Hit "Go" and navigate your way there.

You are also given updates about local events. Pick out the event and it will immediately give you the schedule. The nüvi 780 remains matchless and superb. You can't find navigators better than this and it is an absolute must-have if you are frequently on the road.

The MSN Direct Service Innovation

The Garmin nüvi 780 GPS navigator looks like its predecessors from the 700 series. It is pretty wide so that you can clearly see the screen at whatever angle but is slim enough so that you can easily put it anywhere inside your car. The MSN Direct service supports the embedded features so that you are sure to get the latest updates. It also comes with a car power adapter so that you'll never run out of battery.

The latest Garmin nüvi 780 GPS navigator packs in a lot of great features. It certainly is great value for your money. Some of them stand out way above the rest because it predicts the time of arrival more accurately than ever. If you need to go to several destinations at one go, it can also calculate the most efficient routes for your journey. All because of MSN Direct, you can view live gas prices. You can also view other important information like the weather and local events. In fact, with MSN Direct, you now have good reason to spend extra money on the nüvi 780.

What is MSN Direct? It is basically a service that provides traffic alerts, weather, local gas prices, movie times, and more. Test it out and you will see that it is a cut above its competitors. If your idea of a perfect drive is rolling down the highway following a pre-set, multi-stop route, while making hands-free calls, and keeping an eye on traffic congestion, this could be the perfect partner for all road warriors. Prices range from $500 to $850.

The Garmin Nüvi 780 Good Aesthetics

When you look at this small and stylish device closely, you will see that is very clean. Except for the power switch on the top, there are no visible controls on the front. All operations are performed via the 4.3-inch color touch-screen. Upon closer inspection, you will notice a small microphone hole along the left side of the black frame. This is used for hands-free calling. It also comes equipped with a brighter LCD display, text-to-speech,Bluetooth, FM transmitter, and MSN Direct receiver built-in to the 12v power adapter.

At the back, you will see the speaker and external antenna connector. This comes in handy if you need to mount the GPS away from the dashboard. Because the antenna is built into the system, there will be less risk in breakage, especially when the car is constantly in motion. It also makes it easier to undock from the windshield mount.

The underside is home to the mini-USB connector. The connector is used for data transfer between a PC/Mac and the GPS. It is also for charging the battery outside of the windshield mount. The multi-pin connector is used when mounting the GPS in the car.

When you look at its sides, you will see only slim design. Because you take it anywhere with you, Garmin has made sure that carrying it around is easy and very much possible. If size is an indicator to how handy it is, you'll be happy to know that the nüvi 780 fits easily into your pocket.

Garmin has strategically partnered with Microsoft's MSN Direct so that it is able to provide its users with various services based on current location. Because of this great move, you can now view locations, send and receive reports, and find latest Points of Interest with just the touch of the screen. You can now plan out the route to your destination the fastest and easiest way possible because you are constantly informed about the traffic situation.

When you view the map screen, you can see the speed limit and the estimated arrival time. New to the 700-series is the speed limit indicator so that you avoid run-in with the law. Plus, you can pair it with your cell phone via the Bluetooth upon set up. Now, calling and driving can be done simultaneously. Just synch the device with your phone so that you can view your menu on the wide screen. Plus, the screen also doubles as a dial pad when calling someone.

Garmin's map screen is very well implemented and carefully designed. Everything is easy to understand. It does an amazing job displaying key information minus the clutter and confusion. If you need to search for an establishment, for instance, just tap on a category from the menu so you can choose the available places nearest you. A few of the featured categories are: food, lodging, recreation, attraction, ATM, and other services you may need during your drive.

With Garmin's latest installment, you can now successfully work side by side with the nuvi 780.

The Best Thing About The Nüvi 780

When you purchase the new nüvi 780, you get 3 months free MSN Direct service. Aside from that, the new widescreen navigator has the MSN Direct version services built in. Being part of the 700 series, it includes a lot of the high end extra features expected. Among which are text-to-speech, maps of North America, 5+ Million POI, Bluetooth hands-free, and optimized routing. What makes this possible? Well, the nüvi 780 was equipped with the SiRF chipset.

As you travel your way up higher end GPS units, you can see features that make your driving experience extremely pleasant. For those intensive users of the GPS, you can benefit greatly from it. For instance, it comes with advanced routing features so that you can input locations you may find important so that the nüvi optimizes the route you'll take.

As for the design, it continues to embody the looks of the 700 series. The body is thin and wide, and the screen is easy to read. The model continues to keep the major and very smart design requirement of keeping the data receiver integrated into the power cord. They have been the pioneers of a design that the others have started to follow. The MSN receiver comes with a small lithium rechargeable battery that is able to continue receiving information even while the power to the unit is cut. As for the navigation, it comes with high-end options so that you are able to flexibly set even the most complex of routes.

Select Your Destination

When you have selected your destination, the nüvi 780 guides you on your way there. As you draw near upcoming turns, the display zooms back so that you are given an overview of it in 3D format. You will see a large white arrow that shows you where to go next. If the turns come closely together, you will two separate arrows. Moreover, the nüvi 780 has the text-to-speech feature so that you are able to hear the street names.

GPS makers have used a wide variety of mounting systems. The higher-end models of Garmin like the nüvi 780 uses the very best. When placed on the windshield, you have a cradle that can be mounted with a suction cup. You can pop the GPS in and out with just the press of a button. When you remove it from its cradle, it automatically saves your last position so that you can take it out with you. As you walk around and find your way back, the memory guides you to your way back your parking spot.

You can also pair it with your phone via the Bluetooth. Now, calling and driving can be done simultaneously. All you need to do is get the optional microphone so you can make and receive calls with the help of your car's speakers and the touch-screen that becomes your dial pad. Plus, because it is linked to your phone, the memory is reflected on its screen as well. Easy does it with the new nüvi 780.

Plan Your Destinations With The nuvi 780

Do you know where you are? Easy! The nüvi 780 helps you keep track of where you are. All you need to do is tap "Where Am I?" to find the nearest known destinations such as hospitals, police stations, fuel stations, address, and intersections. If you want the more scientific approach, you can also see your exact latitude and longitude coordinates. Forgot where you parked? The nüvi 780 remembers it for you. You can take it with you everywhere, even outside the car. Just remove it from the windshield mount and it automatically marks your position. This is perfect for complicated parking spots and crowded areas.

The nüvi 780 plans ahead with the sophisticated navigational features. Traveling is less stressful when you know you have the help you need. With the route planning system, you can save as much as 10 routes and the most important minutes of your life. You can specify via points and preview simulated turns with ease. In addition, you can organize all your destinations for that trip so that you can plan out an efficient route for your day's schedule. To avoid run-ins with the law, the screen gives you speed limits for highways and Interstates. So that you'll know where to go the next time you pass that road again, the log gives you a bread crumb trail of up to 10,000 points.

The nüvi 780 is a perfect tool for those with no sense of direction. Traveling can be especially more difficult for some. It's a good thing that in this day and age, we have this amazing product from MSN Direct.

The standard in GPS navigators is the "Addresses" tool. Just set the default button to a certain state. After, you will be asked to "Spell City" or "Search All." If you want to search for the main street in a town, you get a list of towns with the street of that same name. Just select and hit "Go."

You are also able to navigate your way around "Intersections" in City Centers. It gives you the coordinates and recently found locations along with the "Points of Interests." Garmin does a remarkably amazing job in loading in loading more than five million POIs. The POI is arranged into easy to understand categories. Just search through your current position and your destination along a route. This comes in quite handy when you are looking for a particular establishment.

The second version of MSN Direct adds more useful features to its hard drive. It is able to service your need to find out about the stock market trends and the latest news. You also now have the "Web Favorites" buttons to give you a place to store the things that you sent to your GPS from your computer.

The "Web Favorites" folder is an easy way to browse the web and look for addresses found on Microsoft Live Maps. You can now send them directly to your GPS. The whole think was designed to work for you and the fast-paced lifestyle that you lead. All you need in an account on MS live and you're pretty much set to use the navigator.

Options In The Nuvi 780

When it comes to the navigation options, the Nuvi 780 comes with amazing and flexible options to afford you the chance to set more complex routes. Like its predecessors, the main screen still offers its users the amazingly easy option of "Where to?" and "View Map." All these come with a set-up button. Once the Bluetooth handset is configured, a button appears once it is paired with a cellular phone.

Just go to the View Map to see where you are. The screen is uncluttered and clear. It offers the view of the road in both 2D and 3D options. The good thing about 3D is that it gives you better perspective of what surrounds the GPS system. When you aren't navigating, you can turn to your system for speed and direction. Once you're behind the wheel, a pop up screen comes up to give you the speed limit reading. If you've had a GPS system before, you'll notice that speed limit indicators have become more accurate.

The "Where to?" option is the meat of the GPS system. It has an easy interface, giving you a straight-forward way of finding its other choices and controls. The "Go Home" button is front and center. You know that this is one of the most used buttons because it allows you to go back to your starting point. You can also "bookmark" a list of places so that you can input your most visited spots and areas.

With the controls, driving anywhere becomes a breeze!

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